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Wireframing your interface to improve user experience

Wireframes are without a doubt the key to an efficient interface. They have been used to think and define webs and apps before developing them. From sketchy drawings to high-fidelity functional prototypes, a wireframe can be used for many purposes, before and even during development. Here we´ll see how you can significantly improve your user interface by using wireframe and/or prototype.

Defining personas
Once you´ve got a first idea of your website, you need to think about the kinds of person that will use it. These user profiles are called personas. Once you ´ve done this, you can start thinking about your web interface always thinking about human interactions and your personas behaviours.

Wireframing user interface
You can now start sketching your website on a piece of paper. More for clients than final users, this part is important for client as wireframes help defining specifications and ultimately are used for the client validation.

Prototyping interface
If you´re creating a website, web apps or a RIA, chances are you´ll put some interactions. In order to have not just the “look”, but also the “feel”, wireframes are increasingly combined with high-fidelity prototypes. This often means a HTML prototype of your app. This functional prototype should be as close from the final product as possible (at least on the client side) as the end user must be able to use it with all its features.

Carrying out user tests
Once you´ve got your HTML prototype, it´s then easy to share and assess the quality of your application. But it´s even better to carry out remote user testing to see and check how users interact with your application. These tests are essential to improve the interface operate changes and adjustments. High-fidelity prototypers also allow the integration of analytic tools to track clicks and views (Google Analytics, CrazyEgg or ClickTale..).

Whether you want to build a brand new interface or simply improve user experience of your website, all these processes are keys to a better user experience. This part of defining and conceiving your interface is by far the most important one, as the development and success of your app depend on it.

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