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Selling your future app with a mere wireframe

Along with the growing market of mobile devices such as Apple´s iPhone or the iPad, web and mobile applications are booming. In such a competitive environment, a well-planned app is most definitely key to success.

From business plan, to user experience and even client prospection, it became important to prepare everything before you even start coding. A wireframe or a prototype can be the right answer to a successful project.

Enhance user experience

A wireframe is usually used to improve the overall user experience of a future app. It is indeed an essential step to enhance, and often start off, an efficient interface. Wireframes or prototypes made with prototyping tools like Justinmind even integrates remote user testing tools to carry out user experience research.

As competition grows fierce in the world of apps for mobiles and web, the best possible user experience is essential to the commercial success of a future app. UX design and user experience are why wireframes saw the light in the first place, however wireframes are now used for other reasons, more commercially driven.

Find stakeholders before developing

A wireframe or prototype can be very useful when you´re actively looking for investments to develop a project. Once a first wireframe or functional prototype is done, you can approach potential investors and stakeholders showing them a concrete draft of your project.

Promote your app with a wireframe

But wireframes can also be used to promote an idea. Innoget, an innovation portal is famous to have started its business with only a prototype in hands. They showed it to investors and even clients, looking for funding. Without any investment at first, they gathered enough funds to actually carry out the project, now fully operational.

Now-a-days, wireframes can be used for a lot more reasons than just UX purposes. They can be extremely valuable to sell your future idea, and you don´t need a “first miss” to gather feedback and a “second chance” to make changes.

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