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User Experience Design for Voice Interfaces?

I've just started my adventure into Voice Recognition and VoiceXML Development. This applies to not only automated phone systems (ie. 'To reach the Accounting Department, press 1 or say Accounting') but can also translate into IM bots (text input recognition). This technology has advanced to allow some pretty complex user interaction.

I'd be interested to hear from any Usability Experts how they would approach interface testing to gage user experience. I know with visual interfaces where a user interacts with mouse clicks there is a certain process, but I'm not familiar with anything for voice interfaces.

I don't want to create voicejail's from hell :)

I'd appreciate any feedback!

Julia Jacobs

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if I was in your place, I would simply prototype the experience.
Just as we do usability testing to see how the pieces of software work out, I would do the same in this situation.
I would record the messages or i would get a phone and talk directly, using a protocol previously proposed and thought.
With this ready observing the actual impact would give you hints on how to improve.

Once i did the prototype of a washing machine for blind users. I wrote the messages in one paper and when the user pressed one button i simply said the messages.

Hope i have helped.
Francisco Nunes
Hi Francisco,

Thank you for your response. I really like your idea of a written script and when the user says something, say the messages back. Once that experience has been improved, I can move on to different types of audio and how the user responds, ie. male or female voice, etc.

You have definitely helped!

Julia Jacobs


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