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Smiling face needed to welcome members to STC UUX community

This may be a redundant request, since if you already belong to UUX you probably saw this in a posting to our mailing list today. Nonetheless, we are losing our membership coordinator, Susan Duncan Parks, and we need someone to step into her shoes.

This is a once a month gig. You check the membership database of new members and send them off a canned email. Once a year or so we change what is in the can.

We are also planning to change how member profiles are added to our Web site by letting members post their own profiles, rather than having the Webmaster do it for them. I would like the new membership coordinator to help with this transition.

If you would like to be the first impression of UUX for new members, please drop me, Mary Deaton, UUX Manager, a private email and we'll talk.

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Linda Patryas has accepted this role. Anyone interested in learning more about the Usability & User Experience community should definitely still contact Mary.

For those not familiar, UUX is a special interest group of the Society for Technical Communication and serves a unique role for those interested in bringing user-centered design into their technical communication work as well as those wanting to transition into a full-time UX role. This community is where I first learned about UX and started making my career transition (in the interest of disclosure, I'm also a past manager of the community).

UUX is an open community, so you can learn more about its many services before joining STC. The UUX website alone (also linked in the UX Library) is a tremendous resource.


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