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Learning more about UX: What conferences do you attend or recommend?

People not familiar with STC might be surprised at the number of sessions on user experience at the STC Tech Comm Summit held in Atlanta, GA, last week. This started with keynote by New York Times columnist David Pogue on "The Power of Simplicity," focused on the importance of simplifying the user experience.

Many of the sessions were recorded, and the recordings will be available in mid-summer (free to conference attendees and available for purchase by others). This offers a great way to virtually attend the conference and pick up some useful information.

While most of the conferences listed in Events have names indicating they focus on UX, many conferences like the Tech Comm Summit talk about designing and delivering a great UX within specific contexts without including UX terms in the name. Do you attend (or know of) any conferences or seminars that you would like to recommend? Feel free to add upcoming conferences to the Events. If you have already attended a conference, consider sharing the highlights with us.

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Jared Spool's UIE conference is excellent, as is UX Week from Adaptive Path. The IA Summit is worth going to, as is Interactions 10. Last, but by no means least is the conference I help run in the UK called UX London.
Karen - just added a Web Symposium event at Wharton in July. I'll be there w/ my hubby...looking forward to keynote by Don Norman.


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